Analysis of clustering technology vendor Xkoto and its Gridscale product line. Related subjects include:

                                                    July 31, 2010

                                                    Teradata, Xkoto Gridscale (RIP), and active-active clustering

                                                    Having gotten a number of questions about Teradata’s acquisition of Xkoto, I leaned on Teradata for an update, and eventually connected with Scott Gnau. Takeaways included:

                                                    Frankly, I’m disappointed at the struggles of clustering efforts such as Xkoto Gridscale or Continuent’s pre-Tungsten products, but if the DBMS vendors meet the same needs themselves, that’s OK too.

                                                    The logic behind active-active database implementations actually seems pretty compelling:? Read more

                                                    September 11, 2009

                                                    Xkoto Gridscale highlights

                                                    I talked yesterday with cofounders Albert Lee and Ariff Kassam of Xkoto. Highlights included: Read more

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