Analysis of Syncsort and its DMExpress data integration product. Related subjects include:

                                                    May 29, 2013

                                                    Syncsort extends Hadoop MapReduce

                                                    My client Syncsort:

                                                    *Perhaps we should question Syncsort’s previous claims of having strong multi-node parallelism already. ??

                                                    The essence of the Syncsort DMX-h ETL Edition story is:

                                                    More details can be found in a slide deck Syncsort graciously allowed me to post. Read more

                                                    March 31, 2012

                                                    Our clients, and where they are located

                                                    From time to time, I disclose our vendor client lists. Another iteration is below, the first since a little over a year ago. To be clear:

                                                    For reasons explained below, I’ll group the clients geographically. Obviously, companies often have multiple locations, but this is approximately how it works from the standpoint of their interactions with me. Read more

                                                    May 12, 2011

                                                    Data integration vendors and Hadoop

                                                    There have been many recent announcements about how data integration/ETL (Extract/Transform/Load) vendors are going to work with MapReduce. ?Most of what they say boils down to one or more of a few things:

                                                    Some additional twists include:

                                                    Finally, my former clients at Pervasive, who haven’t briefed me for a while, seem to have told Doug Henschen that they have pointed DataRush at MapReduce.* However, I couldn’t find evidence of same on the Pervasive DataRush website beyond some help in using all the cores on any one Hadoop node.

                                                    *Also see that article because it names a bunch of ETL vendors doing Hadoop-related things.

                                                    April 7, 2011

                                                    Introduction to Syncsort and DMExpress

                                                    Let’s start with some Syncsort basics.

                                                    One of Syncsort’s favorite value propositions is to contrast the cost of doing ETL in Syncsort, on commodity hardware, to the cost of doing ELT (Extract/Load/Transform) on high-end Teradata gear.

                                                    Read more

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