December 31, 2014

                                                    Notes on machine-generated data, year-end 2014

                                                    Most IT innovation these days is focused on machine-generated data (sometimes just called “machine data”), rather than human-generated. So as I find myself in the mood for another survey post, I can’t think of any better idea for a unifying theme.

                                                    1. There are many kinds of machine-generated data. Important categories include:

                                                    That’s far from a complete list, but if you think about those categories you’ll probably capture most of the issues surrounding other kinds of machine-generated data as well.

                                                    2. Technology for better information and analysis is also technology for privacy intrusion. Public awareness of privacy issues is focused in a few areas, mainly: Read more

                                                    October 10, 2014

                                                    Notes on predictive modeling, October 10, 2014

                                                    As planned, I’m getting more active in predictive modeling. Anyhow …

                                                    1. I still believe most of what I said in a July, 2013 predictive modeling catch-all post. However, I haven’t heard as much subsequently about Ayasdi as I had expected to.

                                                    2. The most controversial part of that post was probably the claim:

                                                    I think the predictive modeling state of the art has become:

                                                    • Cluster in some way.
                                                    • Model separately on each cluster.

                                                    In particular:

                                                    3. Nutonian is now a client. I just had my first meeting with them this week. To a first approximation, they’re somewhat like KXEN (sophisticated math, non-linear models, ease of modeling, quasi-automagic feature selection), but with differences that start: Read more

                                                    July 12, 2013

                                                    More notes on predictive modeling

                                                    My July 2 comments on predictive modeling were far from my best work. Let’s try again.

                                                    1. Predictive analytics has two very different aspects.

                                                    Developing models, aka “modeling”:

                                                    More precisely, some modeling algorithms are straightforward to parallelize and/or integrate into RDBMS, but many are not.

                                                    Using models, most commonly:

                                                    2. Some people think that all a modeler needs are a few basic algorithms. (That’s why, for example, analytic RDBMS vendors are proud of integrating a few specific modeling routines.) Other people think that’s ridiculous. Depending on use case, either group can be right.

                                                    3. If adoption of DBMS-integrated modeling is high, I haven’t noticed.

                                                    Read more

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